Colorado Title Institute | Fall Session

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Join us Wednesday, November 9th at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center for some great new courses covering FIRPTA, Regulations 8-1-1 thru 8-1-3, and a course on HOAs vs Special Districts!

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LTAC's New Lobbyists

For those of you that missed the opportunity to meet our new lobbyists at LTAC’s annual meeting and conference earlier this month, we provide this brief summary to our membership. Meet our new lobbyists here!

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our former lobbyist, Cathy Wanstrath, who represented our association for nearly two decades.

Thank you Cathy!


Vote NO on Amendment 69

At the September Board meeting, the LTAC Board voted to oppose Amendment 69, the Colorado Creation of ColoradoCare System Initiative due to the heavy burden it would put on member companies.  For more information on the Amendment you can go to:,_Amendment_69_(2016) or view a fact sheet.

Please spread the word.


LTAC has received notice that there is another scam going around in connection with wire instructions sent as a part of the commitment.  As we understand the scam, the bad guys get a copy of a settlement agent’s wire instructions, modify the wiring instructions to change the account information, and then send or resend it to the buyer.  If a buyer takes action on those fraudulent wiring instructions, the funds end up in the bad guys account.  It is likely such funds are transferred several times from there, probably overseas.

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About LTAC

The Land Title Association of Colorado is a non-profit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. We were incorporated in 1963, but our organization history dates back to 1906, when a concerned group of title professionals joined together to ensure competency and thoroughness in Colorado title work. Their legacy lives on today in LTAC. Our members, businesses or individuals, come together to protect Colorado real estate transactions. Real estate buyers, sellers, financers and developers all benefit from the quality title work fostered by LTAC and its members.

Our organization provides education to its members, outreach to the consumer community, and insight to legislators and regulators about the title insurance industry. We are proud of our history, engaged in the present, and challenged by our future.

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