September 6th - 8th, 2017

How to Travel the World for Free

Known for his “Challenge for Change” programs, the three-time book author, TV host, Today Show & Tonight Show guest, Michael Wigge, embraces astonishing challenges head on to make the impossible happen. By implementing his four fundamental keys of leadership success, he converted a bitten apple into a house in Hawaii in 42 masterful exchanges (book and TV Show: How to Barter for Paradise, 2012). He also traveled the globe without money for transportation, food, or accommodation (book, PBS show: How to Travel the World for Free, 2010). Angelina Jolie called him “a strange but fantastic man;” the L.A. Times dubbed him “the ultimate budget traveler.”

Wigge’s Challenge for Change – Leadership Success keynote and workshops are built on strategies proven through overcoming the extraordinary. Throughout his multiple series’ of documented challenges, he implemented four key leadership principles: Being a great listener to communicate effectively across cultures, perfectly navigating the tension between stability and change, actively assisting others to complete ambitious, visionary projects, and honing his decision-making skills to become an action-oriented influencer.


Recruiting Talent: Blueprint for staffing the future title company

Are you having difficulty finding and attracting good young talent to your company? Are you struggling with how to attract the next generation of title professional or how to create an environment that is attractive to the millennial generation? Dan Mennenoh, ITP, NTP, ALTA president and President of H. B. Wilkinson Title Company will go through the new approach his company is using to address this challenging issue. He has had great success with this new technique.


Keeping Employees You Love

A recent survey indicated that 63% of all employees are looking for another job right now.  This is not good news for employers wanting to retain their employees.  Other organizations out there are offering a lot of enticements.  Still, there are those employers who don’t lose their best employees.  What is their secret?  Well, one hint is that it’s not about the money.  It really is the culture.  How do you create a culture where employees love to work and just don’t want to leave?  Come see S. Lorrie Ray from Mountain States Employers Council to find out.

Triple Threat: Loss, Liability and the Law

Now that the money is gone, what is your exposure, and who is responsible?

All we hear about these days is wire fraud. It seems that we are constantly hearing about new schemes and receiving information about how we should protect ourselves but if the money does go, how do we get it back and who is responsible? Join us for a panel on Friday that will discuss: liability of the title agent, what insurance really covers and what you might need, and where the money really goes. Representatives from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, North American Title and the insurance industry will be on hand to help you better understand this Triple Threat.

And so much more...

And as always, we will have underwriter and agency forums, LTAC and ALTA updates, and networking opportunities. By popular demand, we have extended the lengths of the forums so attendees will have more time to delve into the issues of the day. Don’t forget to network and visit our many exhibitors. This is a CAN’T MISS event if you are doing business in Colorado!


LTAC Annual Golf Tournament

For golf tournament information please visit the Golf Tournament page, or click here to register.


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